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Food Safety

Premium Valley Produce recognizes the need to create and implement a first class food safety culture within our organization.  As a result we utilize a variety of resources to help ensure the food safety of our product line.

  1. Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) in the field
  2. 3rd Party Field Inspection Service
  3. Primus Labs
  4. California Leafy Greens
  5. HAACP Program
  6. Trace-back and Recall Programs

In addition to the food safety programs listed above, we are also in the process of researching solutions providers that will enable us to have food traceability capabilities in a windows based environment.

PMA's PTI Action Plan:

Premium Valley is actively addressing and implementing the Produce Marketing Association's PTI action plan & time lines.  We have met all the milestones for 2009 that are set in that plan, and are now addressing the milestones for 2010.  Below is our status report.

Milestone #1:  Obtain Company Prefix Q1 2009:
Status: Completed

Premium Valley has registered with the GS1 US Organization and obtained the following:

  • Company Prefix Number
  • Legal Entity GLN Number
  • U.P.C. Company Prefix

Milestone #2:  Assign GTIN Numbers Q2 2009:
Status: Completed

We have created GTIN numbers for all company branded produce items.  We have both case level and individual item number GTIN's.

Milestone #3:  Provide Information to Buyers Q3 2009:
Status: Completed

  1. We have uploaded our GTIN numbers into our I-Trade Catalog
  2. We have generated an excel sheet with all case level GTIN numbers.  We can email a (pdf) version to all of our customers as requested.
  3. Our GTIN Item numbers can be found in this website on the Produce List Page.  Click on a product and it will open a page where you will see the GTIN number and other item information as requried by the PTI action Plan.

Milestone #4:  Show Human-readable Information on Case Q3 2010:
Status: In Progress

We are currently undergoing the evaluation process of software and hardware providers that will provide this functionality. 

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